Friday, November 20, 2009

Genealogy and the Holidays

I haven't posted in quite a while but with the holidays approaching once again I thought I would post before the craziness begins. The holidays are usually quiet around my house because there isn't a whole lot of family left. Its just me, my dad, and my older brother and that's it. But I don't mind because any family is still All my cousins are around the country and don't get to Chicago anymore. Speaking of cousins, I've found a number of 2nd and 3rd cousins on Facebook and although I've never met most of them, I like that there is more family out there.

So whether you have 50 people over during the holidays or 5, enjoy them not matter what holiday you celebrate.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Genealogy and more genealogy

Here's a thought, when you start planning your long holiday weekend, invite family over and get them interested in their family history. That doesn't mean bombarding them with all kinds of questions they probably have no answer for, start simple, show them how much fun it is looking up census records and see if they can find their parents or themselves, if they are old enough. They might be surprised to find a sibling that their grandparent never mentioned. Have a happy and safe Memorial day and if they don't like sitting and searching for relatives in census records, offer to take them to the cemetery and put flowers on a grave of a loved one that served their country. Even better, find a relative that's still living and give them a hug and a 'thank you' for serving their country and be thankful they are still here to share another Memorial Day weekend.