Monday, May 8, 2017

Finding time to research in between shifts at work.

I just looked and its been three years (just about) since I last posted on my blog. And yes, I admit life got in the way again, only this time the reason is because I started working at the local Jewel in September and now have to find time when I'm not there bringing carts in to do my genealogy research. Granted I do get a day off once in a while, like yesterday, I don't spend all my time doing research.

However I have made a lot of progress over the past few years and it is almost getting to the point where I could say that I'm done. But as any genealogist knows, you are NEVER done when it comes to research, there's always another ancestor lurking that's waiting for you to find him or her.

I still have plenty of brick walls to knock down, like finding a connection to a Fry that was actually on the Titanic and another that married into a royal branch but there's no information on.

My tip for this Monday: never give up on research especially when you think you'll never find that one clue that could knock down you toughest brick wall. As my dad was sometimes fond of saying: if it doesn't fit just get a bigger hammer, you sometimes need one to knock down that brick wall.