Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Frustrations of Genealogy Research

Do you know what drives me absolutely crazy when it comes to genealogy research? Having more luck finding information on collateral lines than direct ones, or worse finding tons of information on a line that isn't even a collateral one, but one that is only linked to one of my lines because the person married more than once.

Yesterday I traced a line back, well more than one and although tracing any line back is exciting, the lines are neither direct nor collateral to me. You're probably asking, well then why do that research if the lines/branches aren't even linked to you? Simple, ANY research is a challenge and since I feel that even collateral lines are just as important than direct ones doing the research for them might prove invaluable to someone else someday, especially someone that IS directly linked to the line.

Heck, if genealogists didn't have these frustrations or the occasional brick wall there wouldn't really be any point in doing the research to begin with. Not only that the research itself, especially if you only tackle the direct lines, would become really boring and no one wants that. Besides, you never know when doing collateral research when you'll come across that connection to a direct line that you've been wanting to find for YEARS.

So, even though it drives me crazy to find more on collateral or even non-connecting lines it still gives me a thrill when I CAN trace the line back to England and find the parents that I've searched for or have thought about lately. Like one of my favorite wrestlers is fond of saying, Never Give Up, and that's especially true when it comes to genealogy research.