Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Genealogy and trains

I just don't know about my family sometimes. In doing research on my paternal side I have come across more people getting hit by trains than I don't know what. Just today, I got three notices in the mail from a researcher, that described yet another person in my tree that was hit by a train. He, J.C. (John C.) Wilhelm is the second one so far to have something crushed, in this case a leg. He died as a result but that didn't surprise me. In fact, before I even got the articles I had a feeling his death somehow involved a train. His cousin, Charles Wilhelm was also struck by a train and believe it or not 25 years earlier, Charles' brother-in-law and the first husband of my great-grandmother, Jacob W. Freed was ALSO struck by a train, in fact Charles was with him when that incident occurred. It seems that some of the ones I've found worked in the railroad and were killed while working, or in two cases, Jacob Freed and Charles Wilhelm, they met their fates when they were either crossing one track to get to another or was walking along the tracks when struck. Either way it seems that working for the railroad in the early 20th century was indeed a dangerous occupation.


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