Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Case of the Missing Record

Okay, I know I promised I would 'try' to post something every week or so but other things got in the way last week and this entry won't have a tip or suggestion in it. But rather its going to be a way for me to vent about something that I just don't understand.

I posted here not that long ago that I had 'possibly' found my 2nd great-grandfather, Fred Ring's parents and was very excited about it. But today in fact just this afternoon, I was poking around the 'enhanced' FamilySearch site and can't find the record for the Frederik Alexander Ring (born 17 March 1854) that led me to believe (or better yet suspect) that I had found his parents, grandparents and even a couple of siblings. That's right, the record has VANISHED and to say that I am irritated is an understatement. What's worse is I can't find it on the old 'pilot' site either. The other siblings are there, or at least the girls are and I can find his 'father' and 'mother' and even go back two more generations, but Fred and Carl are NOT listed. It doesn't make any sense that a record that could (and did) lead to at least three generations back to Denmark where Fred was born ARE NOW GONE, VANISHED, DISAPPEARED!

I'm not going to remove the information from my files (well my hard copy files I haven't added it to my genealogy program yet), because I saw the record and it show the EXACT SAME date of birth. Its not like there was an image attached to the record or anything but I still think its a good clue and I intend to pursue it and I WILL find that record again.

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