Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, new strategy for research

I promised myself that I would try to post a suggestion for genealogy research either every day or at least every week in 2011. Now I said 'try', however I really mean to try to post some kind of suggestion or strategy to either jumpstart your research, or approach a project or branch of your tree from another angle. And I know that you've probably heard these before but for the most part they have worked for me because and let's be honest, when it comes to genealogy research, you not only have to become a detective but you also have to become creative in some cases in order to knock down tough brick walls.

So here goes.

Since this is a new year and that usually means a new beginning my suggestion for today which can also apply when you finally decide to start researching your family. Talk to your relatives, especially the older ones, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc. Do what I didn't get the chance to do when I started my research. My grandparents were all gone when I started in 1991 (has it REALLY been 20 years, YIKES!). I didn't start out asking family about names, dates and places and if I could go back BELIEVE ME, that is exactly where I would start.

But if you have already started and don't have older relatives available here's another suggestion, talk to friends of your parents and grandparents (provided they are still living and you know how to contact them). My biggest regret is not having done both of these things, but you can before its too late.

Here's hoping all my fellow genealogists have a 2011 filled with much success in your research and that you knock down dozens of brick walls.

Happy New Year!!!!!

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