Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good News, Bad news and other stuff

The good news...the guy that first contacted me about having information on the Morrison line has finally mailed the package to me. He sent it Priority on Saturday so maybe with a little luck I'll get it tomorrow, though with the mail delivery service we have around here, I'd be REALLY lucky to get it tomorrow.

The bad news... I still haven't heard from Jason's cousin about the photos. Jason is the one that is related to the Wilhelms 'by marriage', which frankly is another way of saying one of your parents married into the family.

I've decided to write an entry each day (hopefully I can actually keep that up). I watched the movie Julie and Julia tonight and I liked that Julie created the blog and blogged about the recipes she made and even ones that didn't turn out so well. I may not start the daily blogging right away but I do know that it'll be something around the subject of genealogy, that I'm sure of.

Genealogy is very similar to reading about history in that its the history of our ancestors. It isn't just names, dates and places but what they went through as they went from children living with their parents (or grandparents) to young adults to when they married and had families of their own and how the world changed around them.

I've really enjoyed the show 'Who Do You Think You Are?' and even though it isn't returning with a new episode for another week, I have to speak my mind about something. Various websites and even Facebook have places where you can comment about the show and in all honesty I have gotten so sick and tired of people complaining not only that the show evolved around 'celebrities' but also that those same celebrities are just 'handed' the information and that none of the real research is shown.

People, first off, those celebrities you keep complaining about ARE people just like the rest of us. They have family histories just like you and me and BEFORE they became famous or were discovered or whatever they were 'normal ordinary' people. Second, the show more than likely would NOT exist if they didn't have celebrities as the subjects of the searches and they probably wouldn't have gotten good ratings if 'ordinary' people were the focus. I think the genealogical community is LUCKY that Lisa Kudrow finally brought this show to the US and even luckier that it was picked up for a second season. The show isn't about the research, at least it isn't the main focus. The show is about celebrities finding out something about their own families that they never knew and hadn't thought about.

Some may agree with me and some may not, that's your right, however there IS a program that does focus on us ordinary folks. Its called The Generations Project and it comes from BYU in Provo Utah. It is on their own BYU Television channel which can be found in some areas but if you don't get the channel, you can always catch the episodes online. The program airs on Monday nights on BYU television and is re-aired (so to speak) online at their website, the link to the episodes are also posted on Facebook, which is where I watch them and much like WDYTYA, it too has been picked up for a second season. Try to remember that just because they are famous doesn't mean they don't have a few black sheep or skeletons in their family closets.

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