Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New databases to search

FamilySearchLabs has completed its 'beta' testing and has 'launched' its site with brand new databases for genealogists to search. I haven't tried them all out yet but one did catch my eye as I was scrolling through to get to one I use regularly, the Ohio death records. Its similar but titled 'Ohio Deaths and Burials'. Of the dozen or so names I've tried, just to see what would come up, I've found three that contain a little bit more information than I had before the search. It isn't much but then again EVERY little bit helps, especially when someone died before 1908, which is when the Ohio death certificate database starts (it ends with 1953). The new 'index' doesn't have images (wish it did) but has basic information and the dates go up to 1997 and start in 1854 or thereabouts.

I'm quite excited about the new database and plan to try as many of my Ohio names as possible. Should make things interesting and as always frustrating which goes with the territory of genealogy research, but it isn't that bad.

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