Friday, April 9, 2010

Never liked waiting

Patience is not one of my virtues, especially when it comes to genealogy. I finally found someone that could possibly identify some photos that were in an album I found at my paternal grandparents house. There are about 2 dozen photos most are those you find in antique stores mounted on cardboard but there are a couple that are on metal, one being about the size of a postage stamp. None of the cousins I share research with recognize any of them and I was about ready to give up on ever being able to put names to the faces. I did manage to read some faint writing at the bottom of one that said 'Emma Wilhelm'. She was my great-grandmother's sister. There at least I had a clue as to who the mystery people could be, part of the Wilhelms I had researched.

It was only after I had posted to a message board about a collateral line, the Morrisons that I thought I would finally have names for those photos. A cousin of a friend, of a friend who was helping to research the Morrisons was actually related to the Wilhelms by marriage. HIS cousin is directly related to them so I sent the first one a link to the photos and am still waiting to hear if he was able to recognize anyone. I had scanned the photos that were on metal and sent those as well. The only one I didn't send now that I think about it was the one of Emma Wilhelm.

The first contact that was helping a friend research the Morrison line offered to send me some of the research he had done, letters and other information that I didn't previously know about but has actually helped me put some pieces together about that family that my great-great grandfather's sister married into. I still don't like waiting but hope that the wait will be worth it not just for the Morrison information but also that I will finally be able to put those photos in my family album and solve that mystery that has bugged me since I discovered the album. Hope to have some good news soon.

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Aspiring freelance writer said...

Ugh, I know!! I hate to wait!! I know the info is out there, and I just have to get it!! Plus, if I am waiting for genealogy info in the mail, I am like a little kid. I will check the mailbox at least 10 times a day! lol Terrific blog!!