Monday, April 12, 2010

The package arrived

Well the package from Steve arrived today and it contains copies of the letters he collected as well as the transcriptions of those letters, the brief family history of the Morrisons and the Stanleys, census records, Civil War information on Amos and Robert Morrison, as well as his correspondence with Jason. He also included a photo of who he believes to be Robert Morrison in his GAR uniform around 1900.

I also saw two other names through his correspondence that I may try to contact. One was an e-mail and the other came from Ancestry in a family tree. The latter I can't do anything with till I go to the library. I didn't read through everything as it is a thick stack of pages but am grateful to Steve for making the copies for me. I learned that he found the information on the Morrisons because he was researching the soldiers in the 1st OVI (Ohio Volunteer Infantry) and isn't actually related to them but I agree that you feel like you are when you do that much research.

I'm going to post a link to the mystery photos on various message boards and may ask photo detective Maureen Taylor for some help. I'm not giving up but I'm running out of ideas about how to solve this mystery of mine.

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